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Deluxe Size Nativity Scene 11 piece set. Plastic Christmas Lawn Decorations for
Indoor and / or Outdoor Use - Illuminated Holiday Figures.
Click Here  for more information on the 28" Deluxe Size Nativity Scene,

or Buy It Now >  >  >  > CLICK HERE

28" Deluxe Size Nativity Set is available at Order Your 28" Deluxe Size Nativity Starter Set or Scene now to be sure you receive it as soon as possible. Christmas is just around the corner and you don't want to be left without your  Nativity Set, or waiting at the last minute for your Nativity Scene to arrive.

The great thing about Christmas is that it is a time to forget about the stresses and worries of the rest of your life, and spend a little time on something joyful like decorating with a new Nativity Scene. This Nativity Scene is just one of many Christmas decorations that will assist you in your Christmas decorating needs. This Deluxe Size Nativity Scene is a good start, but don't stop there. We offer many Christmas decoration products in addition to this 28" Deluxe Size Nativity Scene. And not just Outdoor Yard products. In addition we have, ORNAMENTS, STOCKINGS, HOLIDAY PROJECTORS and More. Come on in!

This 28" Deluxe Size  Nativity Scene can make the difference in your mission to spread Christmas joy to the people in your life. Sure, it may seem like a small thing, and how could it possibly make a difference? Well, this set may be just one drop of holiday spirit, but it takes A Nativity and all the other little drops to make up the ocean of Christmas joy that will effect us all this year. Your contribution to spreading that joy may be A Nativity, illuminated or not . You contribute A Deluxe Size, Life Size Nativity or Marble Mate Look Set to the overall Christmas decorating effort, and everyone else does their small part, and soon the whole world is decorated for Christmas and more. Maybe, if you get an early enough start, others will be inspired by seeing your Deluxe Size, Life Size or Marble Matte Look Illuminated Nativity and other Holiday decorations, and they will make the extra effort. You and your Nativity Scene could be the catalyst that causes and avalanche of Christmas decorating in your hood.

To see more info about this 28" Deluxe Size Nativity Sne, click here.
Straw, Stable and Backround not included. Tallest figure in scene above is 36".

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Deluxe 11 or 12 Pc Nativity Scene 28"
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9pc Nativity Scene w/Stable
Deluxe Wisemen 28"-36"
Deluxe Shepherd w/1 Sheep 28"
Deluxe GVL Shepherd 28"
Deluxe Camel 28" for 14760/13680
Deluxe Cow 22" for 14760/13680
Deluxe Donkey 19" for 14760/13680
Extra Sheep 18" for 4760/3680/5540
35" Nativity Stable, Plastic
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Standing Angel 36"
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